"The Return Corpse" Halloween Zombie Prop

"The Return Corpse" Halloween Zombie Prop

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Wrongfully convicted of a murder, this unfortunate maiden was sent straight to the electric chair. Before they threw the switch, she swore she'd get her revenge on society. Years later, a bolt of lightning struck her grave and she was suddenly shocked back to life. Now, she wanders the town looking to rip apart anyone who crosses her path with supernatural strength. Amongst the local townspeople, she is much feared, and known simply as The Return.

The Return Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is an intricately detailed life size corpse prop. Semi posable, it's easy to position her for maximum fright. She features blond hair that's partially blood stained into a pinkish color, rotted flesh draped over a boney skeleton, a wide-open vicious mouth, and bloodshot eyes, rolled back in her head. Set her up around a corner and illuminate her with a strobe when your visitors get close. Make up a backstory, or let your guests fill in the blanks with their own imaginations. Add a new character to your haunted house with this fantastic, Hollywood-quality decoration.