"The Monster" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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What wicked act of mad science has shocked the spark of life into this stone cold cadaver? Through an unwise experiment or a demonic curse, this sewn together mass of dead body parts has been reanimated and now roams the hills, lusting for flesh and blood. Never has the line between life, death and the undead seemed so frightfully blurred. The Frankenstein Monster is a brutishly strong and emotionless killing machine with no capacity for compassion or empathy. A full size over the head mask, this Horror Dome original is detailed by experienced craftspeople. Featuring a chest cover plate, it's designed for a seamless look when worn with partially buttoned up shirt and a jacket or overcoat. The Monster Halloween mask makes an wonderfully frightening addition to any collection of dark artifacts. Wear it around town and freak out your neighbors, greet trick or treaters, or steal the show at the next costume party.

The Monster Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand Laid Hair
  • Super realistic paint and gore

The Monster is a collector halloween mask offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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