HUMAN HEART Halloween Decoration

"The Human Heart" Bloody Halloween Prop

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Fascinated by the inner workings of the body, the feared serial killer keeps his victims' organs preserved in jars lining his kitchen counter. He's examined, squeezed, smelled, and tasted every last bit of human innards from men, women, and unfortunate children. At the end of the day, there's nothing like the grisly pleasure of holding a still warm Human Heart in your hands, especially while you stare into the dead eyes of its previous owner. With one of these expertly crafted props from The Horror Dome, no one will be able to say your Halloween display lacks heart. The Human Heart Halloween decoration is hand crafted by talented artists to look shockingly lifelike. From a hall of unnecessary surgery in the medical wing of your haunted house, to a scene depicting occult rituals that involve cannibalism, there's almost no limit to the disturbing dioramas you can create with this realistic design.