Halloween Mask  "The Executioner" HD Studios Pro Scary Mask
Full over-the-head design of The Executioner mask with a gnarly, torn-up face
Detailed Executioner mask with black hood from The Horror Dome

"The Executioner" HD Studios Pro Mask

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Executioner Mask

When your debts to society are ready to be paid, this merciless executioner comes down with the blade. Don't want to get blood on your hands doing a dirty job that needs to get done? The Executioner live for the thrill of taking human life. From an assassination in a dark city alleyway, to the guillotine in the town square, this murderous malcontent yearns to pull the lever, squeeze the trigger, flip the switch, or swing the hatchet.

Craftsmanship Meets Horror: The Lifelike Menace of The Executioner 

The Executioner Halloween mask is an original Horror Dome creation. With a gnarly, torn-up face mysteriously hidden under a black hood, he carries out interrogations, torture, and executions without a shred of remorse. Hand painted for a bone-chillingly lifelike look, this unique over the head design will make a stunning costume when worn with a black cloak, trench coat, or long sleeve tee. Reminding your guests to behave, or else The Henchman will send them to their grave.

The Executioner Mask Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Comes with the Black Hood
  • Hand Painted and Haired for Ultra Realism

The Henchman is a collector Halloween mask offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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