"Stone Gargoyle" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Originally sculpted to protect against evil spirits, this unholy Gargoyle was cursed and struck by lightning. Now, he stalks the land in search of his next victim. With devilish horns, an upturned, menacing snout for sniffing out his prey, piercing, golden eyes that show neither restraint, nor remorse, and thick leathery skin that is impenetrable to anything less than the sharpest sword of spear, he's a perfectly designed killing machine. Mutilated sheep and cattle are only the beginning. Soon, he will develop a taste for human meat. The Gargoyle Halloween mask will be part of a bone-chilling costume and make a unique addition to your collection of ghastly goods. Expertly detailed by inspired artists at The Horror Dome, this over the head design will give the neighborhood trick or treaters nightmares for years to come. Be the star of the next costume party, or put a professional touch on your amateur monster movie with this hand painted mask.

Gargoyle Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand painted for ultra realism
  • Made out of Latex

The Gargoyle is a collector halloween mask offered exclsuively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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