"The Dark Magic Book" Animated Halloween Prop

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In a dank and dusty library forgotten by time, lies a demonic volume full of treacherous rhymes. Don't let your curiosity get the best of you. One peek at the wrong verse could ruin your fortune for the rest of your life. Reciting these wicked words aloud, will cause warts to appear on your nose, fungus ridden fingernails to grow, and your skin to turn green and glow. The Dark Magic Book is simply not meant for this world. The Dark Magic Book Halloween animatronic is a motorized encyclopedia of evil. Activated by motion sensors, it comes alive in front of your stunned guests and begins to spurt off devilish phrases made popular by the deranged coven in the Scottish play. Wonderfully detailed for a hauntingly antique look, this dictionary of death can be the centerpiece of a room dedicated to the occult, or a good way to entertain patrons as they wait in line.