"The Crate Beast" Professional Werewolf Halloween Prop

"The Crate Beast" Professional Werewolf Halloween Prop

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Captured by brave monster hunters in the deep dark woods during a full moon, this werewolf has been stuffed in a crate and shipped off to the lab for further examination. Unfortunately, it seems the lid wasn't nailed down tightly enough, and this brutish bro has found a way out. As you stare this ferocious killer in the eyes, you start having second thoughts about your career choice. Who knew how dangerous working in a cargo hold could be?

The Crate Beast statue from The Horror Dome is a Hollywood-quality prop that will take any professional haunted house attraction to the next level. This amazingly lifelike design is hand-detailed, haired, and painted by talented artists and craftspeople. Popping out of a crate and ready to attack, this monster has pointy, devilish ears, thick wolf-like fur, and a large mouth full of sharp canines. Place him in a dark corner and trigger strobe, fog, and sound effects once your unsuspecting guests are in range. They'll have the shock of their lives and get nightmares for weeks to come. This semi-posable statue comes with an old-looking crate.