"T-Rex" Life-Size Professional Dinosaur Prop

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Transported to a land before time, you must have stumbled through some sort of secret portal. As a monstrous dinosaur lumbers in your direction, you quickly realize you're no longer on top of the food chain. You take refuge in a nearby cave that the T-Rex is too big to enter. Eventually, you'll have to leave in search of water or nourishment, and this jurassic predator will be waiting. Will you live to find your way home, or end up as this carnivore's afternoon snack? The Life Size T-Rex Halloween prop from The Horror Dome is truly a work of cinematic art. Created by talented craftspeople, great attention is paid to every little detail on this animal's skin, claws, eyes and teeth. The result is a shockingly lifelike dinosaur that will make you feel like you just stepped out of a time machine. Made from premium fiberglass, this hungry beast is fit for outdoor use.