"Super Fro Giant Afro" Halloween Wig

"Super Fro Giant Afro" Halloween Wig

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It's Saturday night, do you know where the action is? Fire up the GTO and get ready to hit the hottest clubs in the city. Bell bottoms? Check. Platform shoes? Check. Button down shirt left partially open exposing chest hair and a silver pendant? Double Check. Puff up that Super Fro, and get down on the dance floor. The night is yours for the taking.

If you're a Disco Stu who loves disco music, a musician gigging out with your funk band, or just an average Joe looking for an awesome retro 70s look, turn to the Super Fro black wig. Crafted by the inspired artists at The Horror Dome, this large black afro wig is perfect with a range of costumes. Rock it with a classic jumpsuit for an eye-catching combo that will steal the show at the next party, or wear it with a black turtle neck and leather jacket for a chic counter-culture look. These massive wigs are great for both men and women.

Create an unforgettable Halloween costume with this impressive accessory. Go solo, or team up with your friends and dress as an entire club's worth of dancers.

Huge, black bushy wig. One size fits all. Includes pick.