"Sultry Devil" Women's Halloween Costume - Adult

"Sultry Devil" Costume (Adult)

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How do you picture Beelzebub? Do you think of a beastly animal with sharp horns and a violent, bloodthirsty temper? Perhaps you picture the classical fallen angel with bat-like wings and a muscular body, or a vampire-esque creature with a pointy goatee and a passion for making crooked deals? The Sultry Devil costume from The Horror Dome is a unique take on the villain to end all villains, Satan incarnate. This devilish damsel is definitely not in distress. Enjoy her haunted costume party, just make sure you don't end up losing your soul.

This ravishing devil costume features a red, front slit gown, and of course, a classic pointy Satan tail. Accessorize with some attractive red pumps and a pitchfork. Whether you're hosting a cocktail party on Halloween, attending a masquerade ball, or welcoming trick or treaters, you'll find this original design to be darkly alluring.

Team up with a friend dressed as a good angel and battle for influence over the passerby, or get a flock of family to play your faithful minions, and rule the underworld with an iron fist.

Red front-slit velvet gown with devil tail. No devil horns included.

Small-medium 2-8.

Medium-large 8-14