"Straight Grey Witch" Halloween Wig - 24"

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Oh, the tales a witch could tell. With long grey locks, this secretive sorcerer has seen a thing or two in her 300 years on planet Earth. Still at this age, she can be spellbindingly alluring. Of course, if she wishes to appear ghastly and wart-covered, that's an option too. She knows every spell in the book, and has experience using them all. Watch your step around this dark magician, or else you'll become a pawn in her dastardly plot.

Put the finishing touch on an amazing Halloween costume with the Straight Grey Witch wig from The Horror Dome. Designed to be shockingly realistic, this costume accessory features 24"" long grey locks that will look fabulous stretching out from the classic pointy witch hat. These comfortable designs are also great for ghosts or vampires. Play a southern belle who was ruthlessly murdered at her debutant ball, or a coffin-dwelling carnivore who lusts for the taste of fresh human blood. A striking, Hollywood-quality wig, you'll find yourself using it for a number of costumes, year after year.