"Spirit Gum Remover - 9 Oz Bottle" Halloween Makeup / Accessory

"Spirit Gum Remover - 9 Oz Bottle" Halloween Makeup / Accessory

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With spirit gum and a little inspiration, you can make an outlandish Halloween getup that will be creepy, unique, and unforgettable. Spirit gum is a mix of alcohol and sticky resin. It's a quick-dry adhesive that's ideal for attaching prosthetics and fake hair, but it's not always super easy to remove once the costume party is over and the holiday is in the bag.

Premium Spirit Gum remover from The Horror Dome is the solution to your rather sticky problem. Specially formulated to break down the binding forces of spirit gum, getting out of character after a night of haunting and terrorizing the town has never been easier. These nine ounce bottles contain enough adhesive dissolving power for numerous applications. Designed to be gentle on your skin, this amazing remover won't cause irritation or rash.

Whether you're an actor in a school play who needs to wear a fake beard, a pro in a haunted house who attaches devil horns before every performance, our just a crafty individual with a complex costume for welcoming trick or treaters, this spirit gum removal liquid will make getting cleaned up easier than ever before.