"Spinning Hanging Prop Motor" Animated Halloween Prop Accessory

"Spinning Hanging Prop Motor" Animated Halloween Prop Accessory

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As you stumble through the dark and dank dungeon, you notice a disgusting and decayed skeleton hanging in the corner. A poor prisoner, probably forgotten here and left to slowly waste away and die. You pay little attention to this gruesome corpse, until he starts whirling around, possessed by an evil spirit. Stricken with fear, you're bolting towards the exit before you know what hit you.

With the Spinning Motor from The Horror Dome, you'll find it easy to make hanging decorations come to life. This high-quality, AC powered motor will keep your guests shrieking in terror for years to come. Made to hold lightweight props that are five pounds or less, instillation of this compact design is a breeze.

From skeletons to vampire bats, dangling body parts, and a spider wrapping itself in a wicked web, you can achieve a lot of effects with this simple motor. Entertain guests in a haunted house, set up a macabre display at your place of business, or greet trick or treaters on Halloween with a motorized prop. A little unexpected motion from a seemingly inanimate prop can cause quite the fright.

Requires 120v outlet. Decoration should not exceed 5 pounds. Indoor use only.