"Spiderweb Lace Tablecloth" Haunted House Decoration

"Spiderweb Lace Tablecloth" Haunted House Decoration

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What do you serve two vampires on a first date? It's not the beginning of a joke, it's a legitimate question. Seems you've been selected to host a meeting of the undead, and you better have you culinary game in high gear. Though the main course is still to be decided (hint: it's probably you), you know the perfect decor for the evening. Lace Spiderweb tablecloth will set the mood and make your ghoulish friends feel right at home. Hopefully they'll be appreciative enough to refrain from sinking their teeth into your tender neck.

The Spiderweb Lace Decor Tablecloth from The Horror Dome is a full size design that will have your house looking amazing for the costume party, masquerade ball, or Halloween cocktail hour. Made from woven green-grey polyester, this bat and spider pattern is creepy, yet fun. Both adults and children will enjoy it's frightening, yet festive look, while they mix drinks or munch on snacks. Get your home decked out and invite the neighbors over for a night of revelry. From the first guest's arrival to the last toast of the night, this tablecloth will tie the room together.

Woven polyester lace tablecloth with bat and spider web pattern. Measures 48 inches x 96 inches.