"Spiderella Black Bouffant" Halloween Wig

"Spiderella Black Bouffant" Halloween Wig

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Be wary of the wicked and ravishing mistress who hosts debauched parties deep into the night, lest you'll end up bound and tortured for her demented delight. Spiderella is the life of the party, until the clock strikes midnight. Then, she retires to her dark and dank lair with a few wasted weirdos, and quickly ensnares them in her spiderweb. While cackling manically, she slowly drains their blood until they are withered and dry. Sipping their alcohol-infused vital fluid, she enjoys a momentary buzz before drifting off to sleep.

The Spiderella wig is a jet black, bouffant-style design that features a silver spider accent and menacing widow's peak bangs. Crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, this Spider wig is great for creating a unique character. Entertain guests at your costume party or masquerade ball, perform a darkly humorous play, or trick or treat in your neighborhood. Spiderella is the perfect host to lead visitors through a professional haunted house. Fiendishly charismatic and alluring, it's hard to say no to this malevolent maiden.

Comfortable to wear and made from premium materials, you'll enjoy using this versatile black Bouffant wig to dress up as Spiderella year after year.