"Spectral Ghoul" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Even the most half-witted fool, knows to run from the Spectral Ghoul. A dark magician seeking eternal life, this wily warlock cast a forbidden spell on himself. Now, this supernatural being can live forever, as long as he maintains a steady diet of human pain and suffering. He feeds off of agony like it's succulent prime rib, and gets drunk on fear like it's fortified wine. Avoid his clutches at all costs. Death is a better fate than ending up in his subterranean torture chamber. The Spectral Ghoul Halloween mask is a brilliantly hand-detailed Horror Dome original. A premium, over the head design, this mask features additional shoulder and chest coverage for a seamless look when work with a tattered tux, sliced-up suit, or sinister shawl. He's a great character to lead guests through your haunted house, or greet kids as they approach your abode in search of candy.

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