"Spanky Stripes Clown" Value Halloween Costume - Adult L

"Spanky Stripes Clown" Costume (Adult L)

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It's not a birthday until the Spanky Stripes Clown shows up. This jovial fellow is one card short of a deck, but that won't stop him from becoming the life of the party. From face painting to making balloon animals, and dishing out squirts of seltzer and pies in the face, this lovable prankster can do it all. Spanky is sure to be a kid favorite at any gathering.

Whether you're a professional performer attempting to wow an audience, or just want to put a smile on your kids' faces, the Spanky Stripe Clown costume from The Horror Dome is up to the task. This full body suit features a mix of multicolor and striped patches. It includes a funny hat, a short front, long back tail coat, matching pants and an oversized striped bowtie. Designed to fit adults sized 46-48 (EU size 56-58), this large costume is eye-catching and goofy.

Looking for a creepy Halloween costume? Pair this suit with a murderous clown mask and you'll have a frightening combination that will send the local trick or treaters running in fear. However you want to play the character, Spanky is sure to leave an impression.

Short front tail coat, matching pants, hat and bow tie. Adult LG 46-48. EU Size 56/58