"Slipknot - Maggots" Halloween Mask

"Slipknot - Maggots" Mask

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Bang your head to Iowa's best nu metal band in an authentic-looking Deluxe Slipknot Maggots mask from The Horror Dome. Famous for their outlandish look, heavy riffs, and infections hooks, this popular act has been rocking arena-sized audiences since the 1990s. The Maggot mask was created to honor their fans (affectionately called ""Maggots""), and appears on the cover of the album ""Vol. 3."" Featuring worn leather look and a bondage-style mouth zipper, this horrifying design was instantly embraced by Slipknot's rabid fanbase.

Attend a concert with a legion of other fans, rock out at that heavy metal costume party, or simply create a ghastly look for trick or treating (and getting into mischief) this Halloween. Young kids will be absolutely terrified when they cross your path at night. A premium latex creation, this high-quality mask will be your go to look whenever you need to freak someone out, for years to come. Proudly show off your fandom, or just create a unique and unsettling costume. Go as a solo psychopath, or team up with friends and trek through the neighborhood as the entire band and a pack of their fans.