"Skeleton" Hanging Halloween Prop - 60"

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Tortured for hours as punishment for a minor crime, this poor soul was finished off by being dipped in a vat of acid that ate away at everything except his bones. Now his skeleton hangs at the entrance to the wicked castle as a warning to all those who are thinking of criticizing the king. Better keep your mouth shut around these parts, or else you'll end up like this hapless hombre.

The Hanging Skeleton Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a full size, 60" design. Made from hard plastic, these realistic bones look amazing. With a hook on the back of the head for easy hanging, this skeleton is a classic fright that every haunted house attraction needs. Hang him in your torture chamber or dungeon scene, display him in a mad scientist's lab, or a murderous cannibal's secret underground hideout. Hang him on your front porch and scare away kids who may be plotting a Halloween prank, or get your home in the holiday spirit before you house a spooky dinner party, raging costume kegger, or creepy cocktail hour.