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In the Middle Ages, prisoners didn't have many rights. Once you were convicted of a crime, you were either beheaded or sent to the dungeon. Those who spent any time in the dungeon would tell you, getting decapitated is better than slowly dying in this rank stone basement. Chained to the wall or hung from the ceiling, prisoners were often forgotten about for months. One by one, they'd starve to death; their anguished screams unable to pierce the thick castle walls.

Create an unforgettable scene with the Hanging Skeleton combo package from The Horror Dome. This amazing set comes with six full size hanging skeleton props. Hang them from the rafters, chain them to the wall, or let them collapse onto the floor in a pile of bones. Bone-tinglingly realistic, these latex designs are sure to induce nightmares in all who explore their underground hiding place. Deck out your home for that spooky costume party, upgrade your torture chamber and dungeon scene, or add new victims to your mad scientist's laboratory. There's no quicker way to upgrade your haunted house than with six incredible authentic-looking skeletons from The Horror Dome.