SIR LANCELOT Animated Fortune Teller Machine

"Sir Lancelot" Animatronic Fortune Teller Machine

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While fighting the Crusades, Sir Lancelot learned the dark art of fortune telling. Now this retired soldier turned wise seer, earns his dough by entertaining the curious passerby. What future does this knowledgable knight see for you? Wealth, happy marriage and a long life surrounded by loving family? A rough existence as a troubled drifter, always on the run from the law? Perhaps a miserable demise at the hands of a deadly disease is your unshakable fate. The Sir Lancelot the Fortune Teller Halloween animatronic is a coin- or bill-operated prop that can recite up to 16 preprogrammed audio messages. Whether you want these fortunes to be all doom and gloom, or uplifting and funny, is up to you. He's great for entertaining guests while they wait to get into the Ren fair or haunted house. Hand crafted by the experts at The Horror Dome, Sir Lancelot moves his mouth, eyes, head and arms while he read's your fortune.