"Sir Ghastly" Latex Zombie Halloween Mask

"Sir Ghastly" Mask

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This blue-eyed lady-killer was sentenced to an early grave after a hunting accident left his body riddled with buckshot. Thanks to an evil curse, Sir Ghastly, along with the other corpses in this wretched cemetery, have the chance to walk the Earth once more. Though he's not nearly as charming as he used to be, this decayed, yet still dapper dude, still has his piercing blue eyes. Don't get lost in his dreamy gaze, the rest of him is a nightmare.

Create a grotesque character for the next costume party with the Sir Ghastly Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. Hand detailed by talented artists, this mask is a full, over the head design that will provide a seamless fit when worn with a shirt or jacket. Made from high-quality latex, it's a cinema-quality mask that will make an amazing addition to any collection of macabre merchandise. Add a new zombie to your haunted house attraction's undead horde, freak out passengers on the spooky hayride, or dress up as a group of walkers with friends and terrorize the town on Halloween night. Sir Ghastly is a gentleman and a scholar... and a cold-blooded (literally) killer.

One size fits most adults.