"Shred Her" Halloween Illusion Plans

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Forget video games, Hollywood special effects, and bizarre videos you stumble across online. If you really want to be shocked, you need to see a professional illusion done right in front of your own two eyes. No editing, no special effects, no CGI, or gimmicks... just straight up, honest to goodness magic. Nothing will make you question reality more than seeing 25 sharp pins plunged through the torso of a human being, only to have they emerge unhurt.

The Shred Her illusion plans from The Horror Dome will give you the knowhow to pull off this impressive trick. They feature a list of materials needed, easy-to-read directions on how to build this remarkable contraption, and even performance notes that will help you take the illusion to the next level. If you're looking for a new illusion to add to your routine, this trick will prove to be a show-stopper. You'll hear a hush go over the crowd, followed by frightened yelps, then eventually, rounds and rounds of applause. Take home these magic blueprints today, and begin building the set piece you need to perform this amazing illusion.