"Shotgun Blast Head" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Captured off the streets and hunted as game, one blast to the head and you're never the same. This unfortunate individual was plucked from the bench of a city park and transported to a remote forest where murderously cruel oligarchs hunt peasants for sport. Tagged in the back of the skull with a lead slug, this innocent fellow was reanimated with help from a supernatural demon. Now he's doing the hunting until he gets his revenge. The Shotgun Blast Head Halloween mask is a full over the head design made from premium latex. This durable creation features a blown-away cranium with pink bloody brains spilling out. This adaptable character can be the victim of a gruesome industrial accident, or the ghost of someone who died in a motorcycle crash. Use your imagination and tell your guests the depressing and disgusting tale of a man who just couldn't seem to keep his head together.

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