"She Comes Undone" Halloween Illusion Plans

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For his final feat of magic, the illusionist asks his assistant to step inside a three chambered box. He produces three giant blades, and demonstrates to the audience that they are indeed the real thing. As she groans in pain, he slides these razor-sharp blades through the boxes, slicing her into 3rds. How could anyone possibly survive this act, you wonder. The magician slides the boxes apart, but she's still somehow alive. What have you just witnessed? A supernatural event, or a clever illusion? Take your audience's breath away with a classic trick.

With the She's Come Undone illusion plans from The Horror Dome, you'll have all the knowledge you need to create this amazing apparatus and pull off a crowd-pleasing routine. These detailed directions include a comprehensive list of materials needed, as well as smart performance notes that will help you build suspense and intrigue as the illusion unfolds. With a lot of practice, and a talented assistant, you're sure to have the crowd on their feet with this fantastic illusion. Learn the tricks of the trade with these highly detailed plans.