"Severed Zombie Head" HD Studios Halloween Prop

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Risen from the grave as the walking undead, this unlucky zombie would soon lose his head. There's nothing like a good ole zombie apocalypse to bring out the best monster hunters in the land. This braindead, half-blind demon had little use for his noggin anyway. Aside from taking a bite of warm human flesh from time to time, it was more or less good for nothing. Now it sits on display as a trophy, a curiosity, and a warning to the next round of bloodthirsty walkers. Crafted and detailed by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, this Movie Quality Severed Zombie Head, will add Hollywood-style big-budget looks to your haunted house or indie monster flick. Featuring wiry hair, cracked leathery skin, and rotting teeth in a menacing, attack-ready position, this hungry ghoul was about to eat, before a blade liberated his skull from his spine. Complete a ghoulish collection with this unique design.