"Severed Right Leg" Bloody Body Part Halloween Prop

"Severed Right Leg" Bloody Body Part Halloween Prop

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Once an Olympic sprinter, this star athlete had a leg up on the competition. Alas, he wasn't fast enough to outrun the hungry cheetah who escaped from the local zoo. Torn limb from limb by a vicious beast, now all that remains of this ex-racer is his Severed Right Leg. The carnivorous cat must have eaten her fill on his juicy torso, and left this appendage to rot.

The Severed Right Leg Halloween decoration is a shockingly lifelike prop that will add realism and gore to your haunted house. A discarded limb from an evil hospital where doctors amputate legs for pleasure? The remains of a gruesome industrial accident, or the work of a maniacal killer? It's up to you.

Crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, this Severed Right Leg is cut right below the knee. It features exposed bone, covered in dark blood and peachy skin. Motionless toes dangle off a stone-cold dead foot. Hand-detailed for maximum realism, your guests, neighbors, or roommates will do a double take when they spy this detached leg.