SEVERED RIGHT ARM Halloween Decoration

"Severed Right Arm" Bloody Body Part Halloween Prop

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Another victim of the demented mad doctor, this Severed Right Arm is all that's left of a once strong and energetic young man. Who knows what became of the rest of this poor bloke's body. Cut up and stitched together to form a Frankenstein monster-type beast? Marinated and grilled to tasty perfection? Ground up into soylent green and fed to the unwashed masses? The gruesome possibilities are endless.

With the Severed Right Arm Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome, you'll have a high-quality prop made from durable vinyl. Snapped off below the elbow, this liberated limb features white forearm bone, dark, dried blood, and motionless fingers, dangling dead at the end.

Perfect for setting a ghastly scene at a professional haunted house or freaking out neighbors on Halloween, these fantastic props will make a great addition to any collection of macabre merchandise. Let your imagination run wild, and think up a gruesome tale to accompany this shockingly realistic severed arm. Give a detailed account of a horrendous accident, or leave room in your narrative for your guests to fill in their own story.