"Severed Left Leg" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

"Severed Left Leg" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

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Devoured by a hungry croc, this Severed Left Leg is all that's left of a hapless drifter. Nobody knows if he put up a fight, or was killed by one fierce bite, but one thing's for certain, his end was violent and bloody. Let his mauled stump serve as a warning to those who may venture down to the bayou.

There's a great story behind every severed limb. With the Severed Left Leg Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome, you'll have a versatile, cinema-quality prop. How did this poor dude lose his leg? Was it an industrial accident? An unnecessary amputation by a twisted doctor? Was he torn apart by an orc or goblin?

With peachy, realistic looking skin and dark dried blood stains, this decoration is shockingly close to the real thing. Entertain trick or treaters on Halloween, create a classic torture chamber or dungeon scene in your haunted house, or play a trick on the family, anytime of year. With a hand-detailed Severed Leg and a little imagination, you'll have a unique and unforgettable fright.