SEVERED LEFT ARM Halloween Decoration

"Severed Left Arm" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

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Care to lend a hand? It seems some unlucky bloke has lost one of his limbs. The Severed Left Arm Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a Hollywood-quality prop that is made from premium vinyl. Hand detailed (no pun intended) for maximum realism, your guests will shriek in terror when they stumble upon this gruesome sight!

Set up a classic torture chamber or mad scientist lab. Was this appendage torn off by a bloodthirsty werewolf, or amputated as punishment for a crime? There's a story to be told behind every severed limb. Sliced off right before the elbow, this bloody body part exposes a bulge of white bone. Dark, dried blood stains peach-colored skin. Lifeless fingers lay in eternal rest.

Whether you're decorating a professional haunted house, or just getting your home ready to welcome trick or treaters, all the little details matter. With these lifelike props, you'll have big-budget looks without breaking the bank. Create a macabre scene for the whole town to enjoy, or hide one behind the couch and scare the wits out of your roommates on cleaning day.