"Serial Killer Facemask" Latex Halloween Mask

"Serial Killer Facemask" Mask

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Townspeople young and old have gone missing on every Friday the 13th for years. Today, locals cower in their homes from dusk till dawn, and pray for this cursed evening to pass. Despite taking every precaution, the Serial Killer still manages to claim a few new victims every time this dreaded date rolls around on the calendar. Covering her face with a stitched-together white mask, no one can be certain of the Killer's true identity, in fact, few who have encountered her have lived to tell the tale.

The Serial Killer latex facemask is hand painted and detailed by the inspired, yet deranged artists at The Horror Dome. Once size fits most adults, this creepy creation will help you craft an unforgettable costume for the masquerade ball, and make a wonderful look for trick or treating on Halloween. Add a bone-chilling new character to your professional haunted house attraction, or get together with friends and film your own indie slasher flick. This fabulous creation makes an incredible addition to any collection of macabre goods. Wear it out, or display it proudly in your movie room or game room. The choice is up to you.