"Saw" Billy Halloween Costume with Mask

"Saw - Billy" Costume with Mask

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You'll look like you've jumped right off the big screen with the Saw Billy Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This diabolical puppet is chosen method of communication between the deranged and twisted John Kramer (or Jigsaw), and his unlucky victims. Billy often lays out instructions as to what captives must do to ensure their own survival. His maniacal face is never a site you want to see, because it means a dangerous new game is about to begin.

One of the most feared contemporary horror characters, Billy the Saw puppet makes for an instantly recognizable Halloween costume. This freaky design from The Horror Dome features a full suit, complete with jacket, pants, bowtie, vest and shirt, as well as authentic-looking white gloves and an amazingly atrocious mask. Simply wear some black boots and you'll have all you need for a night terrorizing the local trick or treaters.

Add a stunning new character to your haunted house, or wear the Billy costume to the masquerade ball. Dress as a popular bad guy from the extremely successful Saw franchise, and give people flashbacks to the original movie.

Jacket, pants, vest, shirt, bowtie, gloves and character facemask.