"Bigfoot" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

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Bigfoot or as he also is called Sasquatch has been described as a large ape-like, hairy man beast standing 7-10ft tall in rural North America since the mid-19th century.Bigfoot sightings still occur today and while those who have had direct encounters swear by them. As long as people have been spotting Bigfoot animals others have also been faking evidence of the beast by producing fake tracks, manufacturing evidence and even donning Bigfoot costumes to attempt to fool others they have had Bigfoot experiences. Now TheHorrorDome.com Brings you a Studio Quality BIGFOOT Costume to Fool the WORLD!
Our Studio Quality Bigfoot Costume comes with Glass Eyes, Movable Mouth, Studio Quality Hand laid hair on Head, Hands, Feet and Suit. Costume also comes with platform shoes . Truly a one of a kind BIGFOOT Costume.

Made to Order, Ships in approximately 4 Weeks