"Santa Padding - Deluxe" Christmas Costume Accessory

"Santa Padding - Deluxe" Christmas Costume Accessory

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In the whole scheme of things, being too skinny to play Santa is a great problem to have. However, it can be disappointing to kids who expect a portly Mr. Claus. Luckily, the Deluxe Santa Padding costume accessory from The Horror Dome can make up for your lack of chub. This professional-quality undergarment adds just the right amount of bulge to your waistline. You'll fill out that Santa costume, no problem. The local kids will absolutely love sitting on your jolly lap, and whispering their secret Christmas wishes into your ear.

The Deluxe Santa Padding accessory from The Horror Dome is made from a poly-cotton blend that is lightweight and breathable. Easy to toss on before a shift as mall Santa, it's one size fits most and closes at the back.

Play a number of entertaining characters with this versatile prop. From theatre productions to indie movies, and a night at the masquerade ball, you'll enjoy wearing this fun accessory. Be a truck driver, a football player, or chunky celebrity chef with this amazing item.