5' TALL RUBBER SKELETON Halloween Decoration

"Rubber Skeleton" Hanging Halloween Prop - 5'

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They say no one has explored these dank dungeons since medieval times. Rumored to be protected by a curse, for centuries, no one had the guts. As you drift deeper underground, you start to wonder if it's worth risking life and limb to satisfy your morbid curiosity. You approach rusted iron door and slowly pry it open. Stepping into the torture chamber, you discover piles of bones, and whole skeletons hanging from the ceiling.

Set a ghastly scene in your home, place of business, or professional haunted house attraction with a Hanging Rubber Skeleton Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. At over 5' tall, this life-size, medical school-quality figure is made from deluxe latex. It's an accurate representation of most of the bones in the human body. Place it right around the corner above a pressure triggered strobe light and fog machine. The sudden shock will have your visitors yelping in fear. Make up a story about this poor soul's untimely demise, or let patrons fill in the blanks with their own imagination. No classic fright scene is complete without a hanging skeleton.

5 FOOT TALL. DELUXE RUBBER LATEX SKELETON (Medical monster School Quality made in the USA)