"Rotting Rebecca" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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You teased her on the playground and mocked all her friends, now Rotting Rebecca is out for revenge. Once a normal, all-American young girl, Rebecca suffered a run in with a horde of zombies. After a fatal bite infected her healthy body, she rapidly decayed into the living undead. Now she roams the land, thirsty for juicy brains, bitter guts, and sweet, sweet vengeance. If you come across this ghoulish gal, make sure to run for the hills as fast as you can.

Don't let her cute pigtails fool you. She's no longer a harmless little girl. With decaying flesh exposing chunks of meat and spurs of bone, this young victims face will soon be nothing more than a ghastly skeleton. Black mesh eye covers give you an extra-evil look when you wear this collectable mask.

Rotting Rebecca is a movie-quality Halloween mask, manufactured exclusively by The Horror Dome. Expertly crafted by inspired artists and designers, these incredible over the head masks are amazing for both wear and display. Gather your friends and go together as a grotesque gang of walkers, or freak out neighborhood kids as they approach your house in search of candy. Get big-budget looks on an indie budget with these fantastic masks.

Rotting Rebecca Features:

  • Long brown hair in ponytails
  • Rotted face
  • Made for smaller men and women up to 190 lbs

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