"Rotting Flesh Zombie Feet" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Rotting Flesh Zombie Feet" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Reports of the undead rising up from the tomb are swirling. Your quiet neighbors in the cemetery are starting to get a little rambunctious, to say the least. You barricade yourself in the safest room in your home, and prepare to make a final stand. Through a crack in the door, you see decaying Zombie Feet stumbling towards your position, and feel the a terrifying chill run down your spine.

The Flesh Zombie Feet costume accessory will put the finishing touches on a cinema-quality look. Hand crafted by the fright experts at The Horror Dome, these premium props are one size fits most, and made from durable latex. They feature fungus-ridden toenails and decaying skin with disgusting open sores.

Whether you're running a professional haunted house, freaking out local kids at your town's hayride, or just looking to bring your A game this Halloween, the Flesh Zombie Feet will take your costume over the top. Complete an unforgettable character with these nasty undead feet. Match them with a ghastly zombie mask and latex hand covers, and tie the whole look together with some torn up and dingy clothes.