"Rotted Zombie" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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With a bloodshot blinker popping out of his head, this gross Rotted Zombie would be better off dead. Reanimated by a demonic curse, this disgusting walker roams the land in search of fresh human flesh and sweet, juicy brains. When you hear ghastly wheezing and sense the nauseating odor of decaying meat, you know this undead underling is lumbering about. Ready your family and prepare to make a final stand. Put this nocturnal intruder out of his misery, or join the ranks of his evil army.

The Rotted Zombie Halloween mask from The Horror Dome looks so realistic, you can almost smell the bitter decomposing muscle. Hand painted by brilliant craftspeople, this over the head design provides a seamless, movie-quality look. With a half-mutilated face, bleach-white hair, and open wounds that display rancid muscle tissue, this fellow won't soon be forgotten.

Give your guests a scare like never before, or film your own indie horror flick. Stalk a scary hayride as a horde of walkers, or create a zombie room in your haunted house. From terrorizing the neighborhood, to getting down at that bumping costume party, this mask is sure to be a hit.

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