"Rotted Hand - Flesh and Bone" Human Body Part Halloween Prop

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Excavating an ancient site is always exhilarating; you never know what you're going to find. For example, this stone temple has a secret subterranean passageway that leads to an execution chamber full of rotted hands and other body parts. As you start to piece together the crimes that took place here, you're suddenly overwhelmed with an urge to kill. Soon, you and the other archaeologists are locked in a fist fight to the death.

Create a creepy scene at your professional haunted house attraction, or get your crib decked out for the big Halloween party, with the Rotted Hand Flesh and Bone from The Horror Dome. This amazing prop has an old, mummified look to it. With wrinkled dead skin pulled tight over bone, it looks like it's been dead for ages. Perfect for a Pharaoh's tomb-type scene this severed limb is hand detailed by talented artists for maximum realism. Made from durable hard plastic, it will make a wonderful addition to any collection of macabre merchandise. Greet your guests with a handshake, and slip them this gross limb instead of the real thing. They'll recoil in horror... then have a good laugh.