"Rotted Biker Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

"Rotted Biker Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

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They say it was ten years ago, on this very strip of highway, a tractor trailer truck jackknifed at high speed and took out an entire gang of outlaw bikers. At midnight, it's said you can hear their juiced-up choppers rolling down the pavement like supernatural thunder. As you cruise, alone in your car, down this dark road, you swear you hear their Harleys approaching. You look out the driver's side window, and see faintly ... Rotted Biker Hands.

Take your motorcycle zombie look to the next level with this incredible costume accessory. Rotted Biker Hands from The Horror Dome are great-fitting, black gloves that feature an iconic skeleton design. In dim and dark light, they look absolutely surreal. On first glance, you'll think it actually is a skeleton's hand.

Team up with your friends and trick or treat as a biker gang that met it's untimely end in some violent matter, or go solo as a lone-wolf, undead soul who has been cast out of the afterlife for bad behavior, and now rides the freeway for all of eternity. Discover a cool addition to any skeleton, zombie, or demon costume.