"Robbie Rotten Zombie Kid" HD Studios Halloween Prop

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Taken on a family trip and promptly forgotten, a passing zombie took a bite out of young Robbie Rotten. Now this terrifying toddler roams the Earth in search of juicy human brains. Carrying his appropriately zombified teddy bear, this morose monster of a child packs a mighty chomp just as infectious and fatal as his adult brethren. You built the perfect fortifications to keep undead walkers from entering your compound, don't let feisty little Robbie slip through the cracks. The Robbie Rotten Zombie Kid Halloween decoration is a movie-quality prop that will make your guests shriek in fright. Match him with an undead Mom and Dad and complete a happy zombie family. Hand painted and detailed by the inspired craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this disgusting decoration features glazed over, dead eyes, decaying teeth, and fungus covered fingernails that can transmit the zombie virus with one little scratch. Neighborhood trick or treaters will think twice about approaching your home with this juvenile demon on the porch.