"Razor Pixie - Black & Purple" Halloween Wig

"Razor Pixie - Black & Purple" Halloween Wig

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Friend or foe, the Razor Pixie is the life of the party. Smart, quick, witty and clever, this charming sprite loves to play devilish tricks on her guests. Just how wicked is her game? By the time you find out, you may be in way over your head.

Create a fantastic alter ego for the next masquerade ball, or craft a signature Halloween costume with the Razor Pixie black & purple wig from The Horror Dome. This striking wig features short, pixie-length locks, styled with just the right amount of sass. From a Vampire mistress to a playful fairy or an enchanted witch, the possibilities are endless with this movie-quality wig and a little bit of imagination.

Like all costumes and accessories from The Horror Dome, the Razor wig is manufactured from choice materials, and designed to be comfortable and durable. From the minute you leave the house, to the end of a late night on the dance floor, this premium wig will look incredible. Shop today and take home a vibrant new look. You'll love playing this intriguing character so much, you may not want to return to normal.