"Rancid Zombie" Halloween Costume- Open Box

"Rancid Zombie" Costume - Open Box

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Backlit by a full moon, a human-like silhouette stumbles towards your campsite. What could this possibly be? A Sasquatch, a bear? Perhaps someone camping nearby who had a terrible accident. At once the smell hits you; Rancid. You're instantly overcome by a deep, aching nausea. You flip on your flashlight and illuminate the ferocious face of the Rancid Zombie. He stumbles closer. You try to run, but you're petrified by fear.

The Rancid Zombie Halloween costume from The Horror Dome features a full, over the head mask, a gory chest cover, shirt, and massive, creepy latex hands. His monstrous mug is capped off with a balding dome, and a menacing mouth full of rotting teeth. Hand detailed for maximum realism, this is a Hollywood-quality design. Just add a pair of jeans and some boots, and you've got yourself an unforgettable look that will send your neighbors sprinting for the hills.

Get the zombie apocalypse started at your haunted house attraction, freak out passengers on the spooky hayride, or roam your town searching for delicious candy (and fresh brains), with this amazing costume.

Costume comes complete with Zombie Mask, Hands Gory Chest and Shirt. Shirt may vary.