"Rainbow Clown Suit - Adult 3XL" Halloween Costume

"Rainbow Clown Suit - Adult 3XL" Costume

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The bigger the clown, the bigger the laughs! Don't let your large frame keep you from fulfilling your life long dream of becoming a clown. Whether you're entertaining kids at birthday parties for extra money on weekends, surprising your own child with a visit from a friendly jester, or creating a family-friendly costume for trick or treating on Halloween, you'll find this 3XL Rainbow Clown suit fits great.

The Adult 3XL Rainbow Clown Suit from The Horror Dome is great for big guys, sizes 52-58. This multicolor suit features striped pants, polka dot vest, blazer-style jacket, and a hilarious oversized bowtie. Pair it with a wig and clown shoes, and you're all set for an afternoon of making balloons animals, painting faces, and tossing banana cream pies. Choose a killer clown mask from The Horror Dome, and take the look in an entirely different, terrifying direction. Play the character as an amiable amigo, or a supernatural murderer, the choice is up to you.

From having fun with the community at a street fair, to freaking out the local kids on Halloween, this extra-large clown suit will get the job done.

Jacket, pants, vest/shirt, and tie. Wig, shoes, squeeker toy and gloves not included. 3X large size fits 52-58.