"Puppetized" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Captured and tortured just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Puppetized Man's mouth has been sliced open to display a gut-wrenching grin. With gouged-out eyes that are little more than bloody, sightless craters, he wanders the streets blindly, begging for the sweet relief of death. What psychotic madman inflicted this terrible horror upon an innocent human? Watch your back and make sure you don't become the next macabre creation of this twisted artist.

Mutilated and deformed for no good reason, the Puppetized Man is a unique Horror Dome original. This collectors-quality Halloween mask is intricately detailed by craftspeople with decades of experience in the haunt industry. A movie-quality design, realistic hair and an off-putting pale skin tone will have your guests feeling quite uneasy. This unfortunate victim makes a wonderful addition to the cast of any freak show or haunted house, and will send shivers down the spine of the local trick or treaters as they gingerly approach your porch in search of delicious candy. Manufactured from durable materials, you'll get many seasons of use out of this mangled man's mug. Add something truly special to your collection today.

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