"Pumpkin Master - Adult" Halloween Costume

"Pumpkin Master - Adult" Costume

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An ancient demon seed planted in this secluded farm has finally begun to mature after thousands of years in the dirt. Along the way, it looks like it was contaminated with some squash DNA. The product of this supernatural accident? The evil Pumpkin Master. Don't venture into these frightening fields at night, unless you want to become his next victim.

Create an amazing character with the Pumpkin Master Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. Hide in a field and jump out at the passing hayride. You'll scare the wits out of its terrified passengers. The Pumpkin Master will make a great addition to the cast of your haunted house attraction, and is perfect for freaking out the local trick or treaters as they roam the neighborhood in search of candy.

This Horror Dome original includes a hand detailed pumpkin head mask, orange latex pumpkin hands with sharp-looking black fingernails, and a deluxe, one size fits most, purple robe. It's quick and easy to put on, and requires no makeup whatsoever. You'll have an unforgettable, cinema-quality outfit with this ghastly Pumpkin King costume.

Costume Includes: Deluxe Robe, Pumpkin Hands and Pumpkin Head Mask with unbelievable Detail. Designed and Manufactured by TheHorrorDome.com.