"Prom Nightmare Bloody Dress" Movie Halloween Costume

"Prom Nightmare Bloody Dress" Costume

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She didn't quite fit in with the other kids in town, so they decided to drop pig's blood on her pretty white gown. Suddenly, overtaken with rage, she uses her telekinetic powers to slam the gym doors shut, trapping the student body inside. Finally they will feel the anguish they have inflicted on her for years.

Inspired by the classic film Carrie, the Prom Nightmare Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a wig, slip and gown combo that appears to be splattered with blood. Available in both small-medium for sizes 2-8, and medium-large for sizes 8-14, this instantly recognizable character will turn heads at the masquerade ball or costume party. Whether you're creeping out local trick or treaters, entertaining guests at your spooky cocktail hour, or getting down on the dance floor with your date (who may or may not be also covered in blood), this look is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Put together a movie-themed room for your haunted house attraction, and turn on a whole new generation to this unique antihero. They're definitely not going to laugh at you once they see what your supernatural powers can do.

  • Small-Medium fits sizes 2-8.
  • Medium-Large fits sizes 8-14.