"Pro Frankenstein Vol. 1 DVD" Haunted House Video Effects

"Pro Frankenstein Vol. 1 DVD" Haunted House Video Effects

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Pushing the limits of technology and ethics, Dr. Frankenstein has created an unholy beast who simply cannot be tamed. Now, the villagers are terrified of this monstrous mad man who is filled with vicious rage and seems to have superhuman strength. Can he be stopped? Even seasoned monster hunters can't catch this muscular menace.

With the Pro Frankenstein DVD Volume 1 from The Horror Dome, you'll have a number of realistic looking scenes to captivate visitors at your haunted house. Project these clips on a blank wall or behind a window for an eerily lifelike look. From small props, like bubbling test tubes and high-voltage science gear, to full on scenes featuring actors and the Frankenstein monster himself, you'll have no trouble finding the right visuals for your unique setting.

Project a scene of the monster coming to life and escaping the lab for your guests while they wait in line. When they enter the next room, they'll be greeted by a live actor playing this instantly recognizable brute. Display a projection of this nefarious character in a window of your house, and make trick or treaters think twice about approaching your porch this Halloween.