"Possessed Evil Twin" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

"Possessed Evil Twin" HD Studios Pro Costume

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As her difficult pregnancy came to a close, the poor mother gave birth to devious bros. She pushed and pushed, and when she was all done, dropped dead at the sight of her devilish sons. Aided by a witch, a jealous neighbor put a curse on this unfortunate soul. Her deformed and demented offspring now lurk in the cellar, hidden from public ridicule. They dream of one day escaping their subterranean cell and exacting their revenge on society. With the Possessed Evil Twin Halloween costume from The Horror Dome, two heads really are better than one. This well-made top features a ghoulish head that sits on your shoulder, looking ready to feast on any human within its grasp. Have a wonderful conversation at the holiday party while your barbaric brethren sizes up his next meal. Who is really in control of this body? You? Or the murderous maniac to your right?