"Parasite Breaking Out" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Looks like the Parasite is finally outgrowing his host. The product of a mad geneticist and an unethical secret government program, this next generation biological weapon is about to break free from the poor test subject. With a ferocious roar, a monstrous mouth tears out of the side of this poor chump's skull. His rapidly dying eyes stare terrified in the mirror while his noggin rips apart!

The Parasite mask from The Horror Dome depicts the anguished face of a bald human as a demonic being emerges from the side of his head. The victim's teeth seem to overlap with the creatures menacing mouth, making it difficult to see where one begins and the other ends. Torn flesh and exposed tendons add to the gruesome look of this premium, over the head design.

Made from high-quality materials and hand painted for maximum detail, this unique, collection-worthy mask will help you craft an unforgettable Halloween costume or make a fantastic addition to your professional haunted house. Have two friends dress up as scientists and explain to trick or treaters that there's a monster on the loose. They'll be shocked when you jump out of the bushes dressed as this spectacular character.


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